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展览 Exhibition

母亲 — 郭桢&胡戎双人展

2022.3.8. - 4.18 
Mothering  Strength—Guo Zhen & Hu Rong Double Exhibition


作品 Works

郭桢作品-沙袋 Sandbags 综合材料 Composite materials 189x60x60cm/件 2013-2018

郭桢作品-沙袋 (细节) Sandbags (Details)

胡戎作品-种太阳之一 Kind of the Sun No.1 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2010

胡戎作品-种太阳之二 Kind of the Sun No.2 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2018

胡戎作品-种太阳之三 Kind of the Sun No.3 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2010

胡戎作品-种太阳之四 Kind of the Sun No.4 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2010

胡戎作品-种太阳之五 Kind of the Sun No.5 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2010

胡戎作品-社火 Heaven 丹培拉 Tampera 100×40cm 2000

胡戎作品-颂之二 Praise No.2 丹培拉 Tampera 100×40cm 2002

胡戎作品-寻梦之一 Dreams No.1 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2007

胡戎作品-寻梦之三 Dreams No.3 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2007

胡戎作品-寻梦之二 Dreams No.2 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2007

胡戎作品-寻梦之四 Dreams No.4 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×100cm 2007

胡戎作品-非非空 Non-Empty 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 60×50cm 2022

胡戎作品-非非渡 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 60×80cm 2016

胡戎作品-让我们荡起双桨之一 Let's paddle No.1 木板丹培拉 Tempela on wood 60×80cm 2002

胡戎作品-让我们荡起双桨之二 Let's paddle No.2 木板丹培拉 Tempela on wood 60×80cm 2002

胡戎作品-颂之一 Praise No.1 丹培拉 Tampera 100×40cm 2002

胡戎作品-逝去 Lost 布面油彩 Oil on canvas 180×400cm 2007

胡戎作品-自画像 Self-Portrait 丹培拉 Tampera 100×40cm 2019

胡戎作品-非非空 丹培拉 Tampera 61×82cm 2002

简介 About

母亲 — 郭桢&胡戎双人展



Our space station is honored to invite Hu Rong, a female artist who has been a mother for more than 30 years, and Guo Zhen, a Chinese-American, to hold a double exhibition titled "Mother". Today, while women are rescued from the trafficking and illegal surrogacy, the fertility rate dropping sharply, can the female uterus be materialized, commercialized, or humanized? It is continued on the social media, under broad debate and deep reflection.As a synonym for "sacrifice", the "Great motherhood" devote their selfless love and giving which also makes them a noble but often being ignored existence.The the little plum flower has obvious chains around neck. But the invisible chains that more mothers have had from patriarchal society, patriarchal families, and marital property are more hidden and there is no escape. For thousands of years, mothers have given their spiritual love which is vast, extensive, and tender like water. They work hard, tolerated, cared of and maintain a family system. The mother even becomes an image devoid of subjectivity, and her subject being the love for the child and the family. The works of Hu Rong and Guo Zhen present two aspects of this problem. Hu Rong finished many works during the period of raising his daughter, and produced through her observation and dialogue with his daughter's children's painting of "with the eyes of love". She pays more attention to the knowledge, and life intuition, returning to the origin of the life matrix of natural synaesthesia.Guo Zhen, on the other hand, embarked on the road of self-awareness and self-awareness through the experience of breaking the "false love" patriarchal family's exploitative relationship between men and women in his 30 years of overseas experience.The way of passing time in life is the best work that uses human life as the material.The works that leave traces on the material are the traces left when the spark of life blooms.The works in these life track all show the physical, emotional and mental fluctuations encountered by the two female artists in different time and space.



北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798艺术区中一街 空间站


Space Station, 4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District,

Beijing 100015


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

TEL: +86 10 59789671



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