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​虚拟空间站 Virtual Space Station


Virtual Space Station is a project founded by Xiaodong Fu which launched as an online virtual space in September 2019 to celebrate Space Station Gallery’s 10th anniversary. Every month, a different artist is invited to occupy Virtual Space Station and often supported by a curator and a technical advisor.
Virtual Space Station encourages the artist to hybridise non-homogeneous physical and virtual space, it allows artists to work through a new idea or research; reconsidering a new or existing project of their own within the virtuality. It could be manifested in a number of ways, from the space functioning as a diary and a documentation of the creative process to the host of a new virtual art work.
Virtual Space Station Residents are either contacted in advance or selected from the ongoing open call.



时间痕迹与精神漫游 邓悦君 2020.8


Virtual Space Station

Traces of Time and Spiritual Wandering

DENG Yuejun 2020.8

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