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审判 —— 韩建宇个展
2019年12月21日 - 1月22日
JUDGE --  Han Jianyu Solo Exhibition
21 December - 1 January, 2020
展览现场 | Exhibition Site
展览现场 | Exhibition Site
展览现场 | Exhibition Site
展览现场 | Exhibition Site
展览现场 | Exhibition Site
展览现场 | Exhibition Site

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林中路NO.6 | The forest road NO.6
林中路 NO.2 | The forest road NO.2
林中路 NO.3 | The forest road NO.3
林中路 NO.4 | The forest road NO.4
林中路 NO.5 | The forest road NO.5
林中路 NO.1 | The forest road NO.1
抽象 NO.3 | Abstraction NO.3
抽象 NO.2 | Abstraction NO.2
抽象 NO.1 | Abstraction NO.1
布面综合材料 | Fabric composite material 50X60CM 2019
场景 NO.3 | Scene NO.3
场景 NO.2 | Scene NO.2
审判 NO.1 | Judge NO.1
审判 NO.2 | Judge NO.2
场景 NO.1 | Scene NO.1

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策展人 :付晓东











The Judgment


Each of us is suffering from judgments in such an era in which values are torn apart.


Nietzsche exclaims that “reevaluate all values!” Irrationality and amorality leave a huge value vacuum, and there is no unquestioned basis for them. Once all values are created, they will be doom to be reversed and subverted. What he aims at is the final condition of judgment: the consciousness of debt to God. Deleuze believes that “only when mankind bears some unlimited debt in their living conditions can they call for judgment, become justiciable, and judge others. If the debt is unlimited, the debtor must live on. Beings are always in God's debt. The doctrine of unlimited debt establishes the relationship of an immortal soul to judgment, and there are cruel systems against the doctrine of judgment everywhere.”


In Han Jianyu’s works, a circular prison, a prison of power that keeps watching constantly, has always been hidden in the bottom of the image. Like a dream, with the walls like a heightened maze, the closed journey without a circuit, and the end of the execution field in memory, there is no fate anymore, for our own judgment is our only destiny. Self-cutting and self-punishment have become the tragic features of new judgments. The omnipotent surveillance eyes at the top of the prison have been deeply rooted in everyone's heart. We judge ourselves, sent ourselves to the gallows, and satisfy the gaze of the Other so that we become both debtors and those who bear the unlimited debt. The judgment has no form because of its infinite form.


In Tianshi Dao, debts are recorded in an independent book. One can not realize his or her household registration. Only after death can he get the final judgment from the judge, who determines the situation of the immortal soul in the afterworld. Religion makes a promise, which comes from the final judgment, to those who have no right in the world, who pretend to follow rules and do wrong, and to those who can not get compensation, of establishing a utopian court. In Han’s paintings, the judgment is not postponed but just presented in front of the audience. In time and space, debt, confession, self-blame, repayment, and reselection, all of which become the mental state in which the figures in the painting immerse. Under the torture of a cruel system, the judgment stands against infinity in the form of a break. Strength and power have generated intensity, and the struggle evolves between conquering and being conquered. All behaviors are defensive, or offensive. Every power has its reaction, and every power is advancing and strengthening the other side. The struggle is to set up a desperate situation, endless torture, and opposite cruelty, so as to release the vigor to the strongest. This has transcended Kant’s critique of judgment and become a contest for the will to power. It is a matter of love and hate, not of judgement. As Spinoza says, “my soul and my body are one, and I love what my soul loves, and I hate what my soul hates. In the endless soul, all subtle favors, from the bitterest hate to the most passionate love.”


In the dream, a strange light, a flash of lightning, makes me wake up from sleep.

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