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真诰 — 鲁大东个展

2021年7月17日 - 9月20日 
Declaration Of Perfected - Lu Dadong Solo Exhibition 

July 17 - Sep 20, 2021
展览现场 | Exhibition site
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展览现场 | Exhibition site
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展览现场 | Exhibition site
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展览现场 | Exhibition site
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展览现场 | Exhibition site
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作品 Works


鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 龙王,玉皇,喝令三山五岳开道 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 4x2.3m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 海岱门 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 4x2.56m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 印·看云道人 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 4x4m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 印·看云道人 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 4x4m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 飞鸟·王献之 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 4x5m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 东直门 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 4x1m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 真诰·安定 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 4x4m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 反怼符(左) 福祸符(右) 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 0.3x1.35m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 指引令-四联 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 5x0.45mx4 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 真诰·德胜门 纸本水墨 | Ink on paper 4x6.5m 2021

鲁大东 | Lu Dadong 扫黑除恶,无上清凉(左) 鸡娃(右) 扇面水墨 | Ink on Sectoral 22x28cm 2021

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At 4 pm on July 17, 2021, the space station will be honored to host the opening of "The Declaration of Perfected——Lu Dadong Solo Exhibition", when we will enjoy Lu Dadong's voice and performance. Lu Dadong holds the position of the deputy director of the Modern Calligraphy Research Center in the China Academy of Art, who is also a famous calligraphy artist, performance artist, linguist, the lead singer of the Yuren band, I Ching Fengshui expert, video researcher. He involves in various fields where he can reach the top level.

The "Declaration of Perfected" means an enlightenment from an Zhenren who is the title of honor given to immortals in Taoism. It was compiled by Tao Hongjing, a Taoist priest of the Southern Dynasties, which records the "psychic" deeds of Yang Xi, Xu Mi, Xu Hui and others in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.Taoism’s worship of the writing system is embodied in various forms of writing and the use of mysterious writings in rituals.In the seventh volume of "The Yunjiqiqian" compiled by Zhang Junfang of the Song Dynasty, there is a paragraph dedicated to the Taoist characters named the "Eight Xian", that is to say eight fonts. "One is the heavenly script which is the 'Eight Hui' . The second is the sacred font which is the Yunzhuan . The third is the font from the earth, which is the image of dragon and phoenix. The fourth is the Nei font which was made by the tortoise, dragon, fish and bird. The fifth is the Wai font which was made by the scales and  feathers. The sixth is the ghost font which are miscellaneous and incomprehensible. The seventh is Zhongxia font, namely the Cao Yi Yun Zhuan. The eighth is the Rongyi calligraphy which is similar to the insects. " Lu Dadong makes exquisite writings on the wall in the exhibition hall using the the bird and insect character, cloud character, flower character, etc. At the same time, he mixes the text and pictures to complete 9 written city gates in different orientations. Some of these nine gates have disappeared, but this time Lu Dadong will use slang, folk rhymes, mantras and other contents to summon them in the history, completing the realization of a full lineup of Beijing historical geomantic omen. He also draws us into the age of bronze inscriptions in the Qin and Han dynasties with the writing in the form of Seal and Clerical Script, who will write the medieval remains of the cursive writing form, and the decorative fonts of the late Republic of China.Meanwhile, I am very grateful to Professor Fan Hua, a Sinologist at the Far East Institute of France, for providing the ancient Taoist instruments full of mysterious words and symbols, and Professor Zhou Bo, the director of the History Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, for providing the books designed with the font type in the early of the Republic of China.The displayed part of the document is also the historical contrast of Lu Dadong breaking through the traditional calligraphy and absorbing the opening of language forms into a broader text form system.The attributes of the hieroglyphs of Chinese calligraphy can be used as images, especially the mysterious words of Taoism. As the blind spot of the vacancy in the history of world art history, Lu Dadong responded to the allusions in various language forms in the history of calligraphy by absorbing the traditional integration, who expand  the new margins in the calligraphy history. As a special individual, he makes new creative possibilities for the relationship of the space-time field in the current context.

Guided by Yuan Ningjie, a young Taoist scholar, and planed by the well-known curator Fu Xiaodong, this exhibition is a further attempt to break down barriers such as the tradition, contemporary, religion, art, etc., following after the cooperation of Link Heaven and Earth —Sacredness rule of Time and Space in 2018.


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