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个人设计博 | 史金淞个展
2016年5月10日- 6月11日
A  Personal Design Show - Shi Jinsong Solo Exhibition

10 May - 11 Jun, 2016
展览现场 | Exhibition Site
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展览现场 | Exhibition Site
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展览现场 | Exhibition Site
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展览现场 | Exhibition Site
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展览现场 | Exhibition Site
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展览现场 | Exhibition Site
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展览现场 | Exhibition Site
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作品 Works

双松园  Double pine garden  木  Wood  330×220cm

双松园 | Double pine garden 木 | Wood 330×220cm 2016

灰度 360 | Grey 360 录像装置 | Video Installation 2015

金蝉脱壳 | Crafty Escape Plan 电镀铜 | Copper Plating 尺寸因空间而异 | Dimensions Variable 2015

灰度 360 | Grey 360 油画颜料 | Oil paint 200ml 2015

哪吒 - 度量图 | Nezha 灯光装置、亚克力刻线、LED 灯 | Lighting Device,Acrylic Line,LED Light 100×100×10cm 2016

刀子 | knife 金属、玻璃、机油等 | Metal、glass、 oil 3 米 | 3M 2016

卸甲山之大风甲 | Wind of the Resurrection Mountain 不锈钢弹簧垫圈、齿轮油、不锈钢盆、钢丝 | Stainless steel spring washers, gear oil, Stainless steel pot, wire 现场装置 | Site-Specific Installation 2009

三十年河东 | 30 years old river 大理石 | Marble 尺寸因空间而异 | Dimensions Variable 2016

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作品:《甜蜜生活》《镰刀版婴儿车》《炫彩版襁褓甲》《奶瓶系列》《设计2 0 0 7 圣诞快乐》《金蚕脱壳》和《设计2004NO1-2》《名兵利刃》《设计-基因》的图片、图纸等。





作品:《哈克龙- 环铁大悲咒》、《拍卖双年展》、《淞艺博》之《免费下载》等。











Shi Jinsong—“A Personal Design Show” will open on May 10, 2016 at 4:00PM at Space Station located in Beijing’s 798 Art District. On May 20, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei will also host an official opening of the exhibition. On the afternoon of May 10, Space Station will organize a press conference for Shi Jinsong—“A Personal Design Show” as well as a discussion including Zhu Zhu, Wang Jiyu, Shi Jinsong and Fu Xiaodong.


The title of the exhibition is an abbreviation for “A Personal Design Fair.” At its essence, the exhibition is concerned with the individual’s museum “design,” or one’s own brief design history. Shi Jinsong’s understanding of design is based on different interests of specific demands related to value within different periods in history. Each designs a mutually related power system as well as legitimate foundation, a formulation of knowledge which enters daily life, and whose awareness shapes knowledge, morals and ethics, political systems, in addition to religious faith without exception. Design has existed throughout the entire history of human evolution, even though violent clashes between cultures and ethnic groups. So-called culture and civilization is nothing more than the product of design, or perhaps a series of designs, especially related to us personally. Therefore, many have tried to break free from the fates of individual practitioners. Also, they exist one after another, which are often unconscious conspirators, deeply invested in self-conscious design. Shi Jinsong, himself, is one of these individuals.


The exhibition presents Shi Jinsong as an individual life. Within his designs, he has developed over ten years of practice. Most of this exhibition’s content may be divided into three parts.


Part One, Dissection and Self-Dissection


The first part explores the dissection and self-dissection as a means of exploring self-conscious daily life experiences. The artist uses the same language logic design and manufactured designs of the truth, dissecting and self-dissecting our work, lifestyles, emotions, interests as well as mutually related values, morals and dreams, to present the structural design of power and designs of cruel and violent traits. The paradox that exists here is that cruel violence has become a new aesthetic experience. The dissection and re-outfitting of the design of these gene fragments have become a routine. Works: “Sweet Life,” “Sickle Baby Carriage,” “Exotic Fantasy Wood Swaddling Armor,” “Milk Bottle Series,” “2007 Design—Merry Christmas” “Gold Silk Shell,” “2004 Design NO1-2” “A Soldier A Sword,” “Design—Gene.”


Part Two, Actions and Self-Incisions


The second group explores how different game rules directly intervene in the ecology of art and the production of relative productive forces. Operating under his own physicality, the artist attempts to dissect and share the copyright and traditional power within the arts industry, resisting the rough design of the solidification of the power system on the independent individual, attempting to achieve a wild and lively splash within artistic existential methods without symbol or metaphor, even if their fates go hand in hand. The works “The Great Compassion Mantra,”  “Action Biennale,” “Song Yibo,” and “Free Download” may be understood as belonging to this part.


Part Three: Internal and Self-Reconstructions


The third part represents internal and self-conscious reconstructions within the gap between knowledge and power in the banal daily grind, turning oneself into a humble knife, as a means to surpass and dissect black and white reality. The works employ pure material methods to design an independent spiritual home, an accurate and subtle “grayscale,” a satisfactory “free frame.” Of course, a broader exploration of new energies is a necessary inner-independent foundation. Never in history have there been greater possibilities for individuals as there are today, directly turning business into art, allowing the market to become the art museum, a new public art. The works “Jade Head,” Huashan Project,” “Reborn-Twin Pine Garden,” “Living Room Garden” and “Grayscale360” represent this part.


The works described in the three parts above should not be understood as conforming to a linear context. Rather, their mutually parallel relationships are based on cause and effect, while at the same time exhibit independent growth. As Shi Jinsong has said, “The entire exhibition is actually one work. You could say that I have always only made one work, that being me, myself.”

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Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artist:

史金淞 Shi Jinsong


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