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蓝洞 | 金俊杰个展

2017年11月18日- 2018年1月3日
The Blue Hole - Jin Junjie Solo Exhibition

18 Nov, 2017 - 3 Jan, 2018

作品 Works


金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画78:鹅卵石 | Painting 78: Cobblestone 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 50x60cm 2018

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画91 | Drawing 91 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 50x60cm 2018

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画120 | Painting 120 布面丙烯 | Acrylic on Canvas 25x30cm 2018

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画71: 星空 | Painting 71: Starry Sky 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 113x122cm 2017

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画100: 雨 | Painting 100: Rain 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 113x122cm 2018

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画28(局部) | Painting 28 (oart) 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 63x60cm 2017

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画57 | Drawing 57 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 40x50cm 2017

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画26 | Drawing 26 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 25x31cm 2016

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画67 | Drawing 67 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 50x60cm 2017

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画23 | Drawing 23 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 60x63cm 2017

金俊杰 | Jin Junjie 绘画22 | Drawing 22 木板丙烯 | Acrylic on Board 62x60cm 2016

简介 About


2017 年11 月18 日,青年艺术家金俊杰的首次个展于空间站揭开面纱,本次展览展出艺术家过去一年创作的数十幅抽象绘画作品,全面呈现了自天津美院公共艺术系毕业五年来独立探索出的独特的绘画语言。在和空间站合作之前,金俊杰的作品曾经参与包括今日美术馆、广西美术馆、山东美术馆等多个学术机构在内的群展,凭借旗帜鲜明的创作风格和别具一格的画面表现,成为当下最值得关注的青年艺术家之一。










Jin Junjie Solo Exhibition:The Blue Hole

The first solo exhibition of young artist, Jin Junjie, will be unveiled on November 18, 2017, at Space
Station. The exhibition will present dozens of pieces of abstract paintings created by Jin in the past year,comprehensively showing the unique artistic oeuvre independently explored by him since the graduation  from the Department of Public Art at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. Before working with Space Station, Jin’s works have been selected in a handful of group exhibitions, including Today Art Museum, Guangxi Art Museum, Shandong Art Museum and many other academic institutions; with the distinctive style and unique approach, Jin has become one of the most notew orthy young artists.

The exhibition is titled as “The Blue Hole” that originates from a special ocean phenomenon: the roughly circular, steep-walled depressions, named for the dramatic contrast between the dark blue, deep waters of their depths and the lighter blue of the shallows around them, were caused by rising sea level during past ice ages; and like, looking down from above, blue holes on the surface of the earth, or eyes, or wounds – these diverse images encourage different imaginations, so that the blue hole has become a synonym of the mysterious.


This coincided with the independent exploration of Jin for abstract painting: he buzzed over to apply the predetermined pigments to the canvas layer by layer, and then destroyed the stability and order of the painting in the course of digging holes, in which the unexpected results inspired the artist to repeat this adventure. Jin was obsessed with bold adventures in exploring peculiar visual language without fear of trial and error, as deep-sea divers obsessed with wonders of the blue hole. The unforeseen outcome is an increasingly strengthened belief in life: sneak into the depths of the sea and ret urn safely.

Although Jin’s career was intermittent for more than one reason, he never gave up the unremitting
exploration of the basic motif of painting. Through continuous discussion on various issues like parallax, light and shadow, and somatosensory in painting, he gradually developed a type of “not paint” style of creation and used it to reflect on traditional painting methods, providing a new untapped possibility for painting. In contrast to the object-oriented programming in the traditional painting, Jin broke away from the limitation of creation on a plane by the complicated process of superimposing different colors of acrylic layers in a certain thickness and engraving them, which metaphorically refer to a diachronic record and elaboration. Therefore, the creation consists not in a concrete stroke at an isolated moment, but a selfcontained system whose continuity constitutes the rare organic sense and spirituality in Jin’s paintings.

Moreover, the countless dots carved out in the intense physicality solidifies into a three-dimensional shape displaying the transformation from 2D to 3D -- the masterstroke that makes Jin’s logic of creation visualized.







Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artist:

金俊杰 Jin Junjie

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