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展览 Exhibition

逝 | 李佳个
2011年3月5日- 4月3日
Elapse - Li Jia solo exhibition

5 Mar- 3 Apr, 2011

作品 Works

花仙子 60x30cm 2010

聊斋之二 80x40cm 2010

聊斋之一 80×40cm 2010

胡蓉和孙晓彤 2010

D-10《逝》 自制纸木炭、水墨、色粉笔 90×120cm 2001

D-7《逝》 自制纸木炭、水墨、色粉笔 90×120cm 2001

新娘 20×15cm 2010

时装模特 41×30cm 2010

情侣 20×15cm 2010

女友 20×15cm 2010

女友 20×15cm 2010

女友2010 20×15cm

女友 20×15cm 2010

聊斋之三 80×40cm 2010

简介 About







Press Release: Fade Away-Li Jia's Solo Exhibition  Space Station is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Li Jia, on 5th March 2011,this will be the second project of "The Painting Series" at Space Station. Li Jia's tempera works on wooden board came from life's nature,it left traces in the process of passing time.Traces as a kind of resistance to death are the beginning of art history. In the works, these traces are worn, cracked,shed off and in exlipse, they also improve themselves in the process of disappearing,resisting the inquirments into "meaning" through heartless doings."Fade Away" as an inevitable outcome for the revealing of all, and a compassionate emotional experience fulfilled with sense of trauma,is a yearning for liberation along with sense of helplessness of loss. Just like the layers in Li Jia's works implying women's inner monologues and emotional portrait.  When a work of art becomes classic or a visual symbol,it's own meaning is covered. How tradition develops concerns every one who wants to talk with it.In Li Jia's tempera works,the inner thoughts of women is impressive:they act as living scenes,city,flowers and birds."Fade Away" is the psychological thread and the inner logic of the works,they are breathing freely in our white space. The eternal return, the eclipse of history,the traces of time... expressed in the artist's producing process.All these works shown are made from the convoluted manual operations,they push the views of modern age into a multipolar frame,thus constructing the new tradition and reality,as well as the curiously inconclusive contrast between them.





Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sundy 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artist:

​李佳 Li Jia



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