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展览 Exhibition

恶 | 群展
2015年3月15日- 4月18日
Evil |group exhibition

15 Mar - 18 Apr, 2015

作品 Works


柴柴 我们谈谈吧 丝绒毛线 80x110cm 2013

柴柴 双生 羊毛毡、毛线 80x80cm 2013

柴柴 两栖 毛线针织、羊毛呢、亮片 200x40x30cm 2014

擦主席 小妖精 综合材料 10x10x30cm 2014

龚旭 龙的“ ”计划 综合材料 1730x230cm 2012

龚旭 酞菁虎大玫瑰龍之Aquarius 综合材料 60x120cm 2013

擦主席 Bad bad wolf 综合材料 20x20x50cm 2014

擦主席 | Chairman Ca 小妖精 | Pixie 综合材料 | Mixed Media 30x10x10cm 2014

擦主席 | Chairman Ca 宇宙任侠传怪盗眼镜蛇 | Universal Ren X StrangeThief Cobra 艺术微喷 | Giclee 100x70cm 2012

蔡远河 | Cai Yuanhe 错位与异化(局部) | Malposition and Dissimilation(Part) 机械运动装置 | Mechanical motion device 22×26cmx14cm ×8件 (每件含19张叶片) | 22×26x14cm ×8(Each one including19 pages) 2013

蔡远河 | Cai Yuanhe 错位与异化(局部) | Malposition and Dissimilation(Part) 机械运动装置 | Mechanical motion device 22×26cmx14cm ×8件 (每件含19张叶片) | 22×26x14cm ×8(Each one including19 pages) 2013

蔡远河 | Cai Yuanhe 错位与异化(局部) | Malposition and Dissimilation(Part) 机械运动装置 | Mechanical motion device 22×26cmx14cm ×8件 (每件含19张叶片) | 22×26x14cm ×8(Each one including19 pages) 2013

撒旦君 | Sa Danjun 解形民 纸本水墨 | Ink on Paper 29x21cm 2014

撒旦君 | Sa Danjun 如愿 纸本水墨 | Ink on Paper 29x21cm 2014

简介 About





Article: Fu Xiaodong


Evil refers to sin and sacrilege. Any kind of evil can be expressed with symbol and to sully is the primal way of evil. If we go through the primitive symbol of evil, then our imagination of evil is the fear of causality and the inner feeling towards order. A whole set of blasphemous discourse is a symbolic experience with correlation, like unknown condemnation and ritual of sacrifice, eclipse and time fit for war, extremely dangerous course and observance of blasphemous ritual. After theology being completely defeated by the cognition of science, God and deity have been handed down as an imagination of facing the legislation and punishment of conscience. From the fear of vengeance to the love of order, let ¡°clear love dispel fear¡± (New Testament); to use a new emotional experience to accept and reshape fear. The suffering that comes after evil behavior is just as punishment inevitably comes from sacrilege. Sacrilege is a notion that crosses nature, ethics and religion, and the natural phenomenon that it sullies is full of ethical meaning and religious nature.


In the exhibition, Satan has conducted a historical phenomenology research on evil, and it can be seen from the multi-layered description on ghost in the ancient documents that the devil feared in ancient times was people¡¯s fear towards supernatural powers and the switch of notion on historical framework. The work of Chairman Ca is full of the cult element in the two-dimensional subculture. By using computer painting suitable for replication and transmission, he stuns and subverts the subject that has long indulged in the mainstream interest in a cheap and vulgarly exaggerated manner. Gong Xu's work has mixed both eastern and western saints, and the holy items from different cultures. The "politician Q" is a spiritual monster which man becomes, and which is distorted, bizarre, and scary. It clearly reveals man's inner tension between the definition of evil and cognition, pondering upon what exactly evil is. Chaichai is the advancement of suffering, the expression of faith on bloodshed, foulness, murder, trauma, and physical pain. It comes from the individual experience of excavating the spiritual potential on pain and crime. Cai Yuanhe appreciates mechanically and soberly the dissected sections of the world and man, which scatter everywhere; everything will be destroyed just as the wrath of God. New images appear along with the collapse of the old ones; construction and destruction go simultaneously.





Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artists:

擦主席 Chairman Ca

蔡远河 Cai Yuanhe

柴柴 Chai Chai

​龚旭 Gong Xu

撒旦君 Sa Danjun

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​新闻稿 Press Release​​​​

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