展览 Exhibition

2008年4月26日 - 6月28日
April 26 - June 28, 2008
厌食症, 石青, 剧照, 2006
不知名的河, 刘窗, 装置, 尺寸不定, 2008
药房, 李威, 布面油画, 110 x 140cm, 2007
世界, 贾樟柯, 电影海报, 2004
未命名, 秦琦, 布面油画, 350 x 900cm, 2007
旧物, 刘卓泉, 装置, 尺寸不定, 2007
鲜花, 李景湖, 装置, 2005
快三, 慢三, 快四, 慢四, 张培力, 录像装置, 8屏同步, 199
剧场, 汪建伟, 双屏投影录像, 2004
1978 - 2008, 梁远苇, 照片装置, 2008
工业城市. 天鹅No. 2 - 16.5, 刘立宏, 摄影, 78.7
肖像, 王音, 喷绘水粉, 54 x 36cm, 2006
乡愁, 史金淞, 装置, 2008
家乡, 庄辉, 多屏录像, 2004
房间3, 徐舜, 布面油画, 220 x 330cm, 2008
政先生, 政治纯形式办公室, 彩色照片, 140 x 168cm, 20
平壤, 仇晓飞, 布面油画, 200 x 400cm, 2004
挽歌:空心之爱, 李颂华, 装置, 2008
宁德年间 - 少年像, 王宁德, 照片装置, 2005
郑志华, 布面油画, 2004 - 2007
乡愁, 蒋志, 装置, 2008
看看大哥能帮帮她吗?, 何岸, 装置,

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Along with the befalling of new century,time has turned us into exiles in multiculture.And we seem more melancholy and lost due to "homesickness".The call for Confucianism is nothing more than a fictitious and constructed homeland.Under the circumstances,the traditional culture can most likely feed the helpless and homeless exiles with a returning sense.China has been involved in the process of great transition from a productive society into a consumer one and therefore the structure of all social strata has undergone a deep-going transformation.Precisely speaking,the inner disintegration has taken place among the original workers,peasants and intellects and more and more independent intellects have composed a new large social class.In the rising process,we are experiencing the dislocation of values and the changes of lifestyle and up against an entirely apricious personalized choice.Shall we contribute to the international collective loss of memory or directly confront Chinese reality ? What is related to the past history is the unconsciously created "political subconsciousness". Its expressions are as follows:the refusal of refined culture,the negation of elegance,and the bottom aesthetic memory which refers to the individual intimate experiences of more than a decade's Chinese reality and the familiarity with limited culture, material and necessities of life.



As we today mention "realism", a dominant word in the past, we clearly imply that an "ism" of universal "reality" never exists any longer. Any total, political, typical, and republic reality is of fraudulent nature all the time. As a result of ideology, distortion, and misunderstanding, the narrative content and the way of returning to reality in different times are far from the same. In the chink of ideological conception, every artist separately establishes his own secret tunnel deep into reality. The world is complex, uncertain, and unpredictable while the reality is personal, concrete, and partial. Nevertheless, these fragmentary personal experiences can liberate our perception from the commonplace inertia and help us recognize and interpret the world from a new viewpoint.


Memory and Fiction:
What they aim at is neither the former simple realism nor game of text. They produce reality and profound explanation by means of various objects and scenes but never stick to this way. This is a multidimensional march resulting in opening many a path both for the viewer to go and for the successive production of ambiguity. They seek the target for writing from reality and life practice and set the diverse possibilities of commonplace objects free by such approaches as depiction and composition. Meanwhile, they can never be integrated and assimilated since they have already established the growing logic of their own. They put both visual language and art text out of sight and turn them into a game of everyday language. Although the contents of their art expression always embrace daily reality, their art language or logic is in essence a defamiliarized anti-everyday one rather than an everyday one. In short, what they are doing now is to deconstruct or parody the logical narrative, to challenge the art territory, to experiment diverse media, and to attempt varied expressions of one subject matter.

#乡愁 #Homesickness





Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sundy 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artists

白宜洛、何岸、蒋志+郑志华、贾樟柯、梁远苇、刘窗、刘立宏、刘卓泉、李景湖、李凝、李颂华、李威、秦琦、 仇晓飞、 史金淞、石青、施勇、汪建伟、王宁德、王音、徐舜、张培力、庄辉、政治纯形式办公室(洪浩、冷林、刘建华、宋东、肖昱)

Bai Yiluo He An Jiang Zhi+Zheng Zhihua Jia Zhangke Liang Yuanwei Liu Chuang Liu Lihong Liu Zhuoquan Li Jinghu Li Ning Li Songhua Li Wei Qin Qi Qiu Xiaofei Shi Jinsong Shi Qing Shi Yong Wang Jianwei Wang Ningde Wang Yin Xu Shun Zhang Peili Zhuang Hui Polit -Sheer - Form Office (Hong Hao Leng Lin Liu Jianhua Song Dong Xiao Yu)


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