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展览 Exhibition

入口港 | 商成祥个展

Threshold | Shang Chengxiang Solo Exhibition

20 Sept - 25 Oct, 2015

作品 Works

自我趋向二 Self-Direction No.2 布面油画 Oil on Canvas 155x130cm 2015

云途系列之九 Journey in the Clouds No

云途系列之七 Journey in the Clouds No.7 布面油画 Oil on Canvas 100x175cm 2014

边缘系列 No. 2 Borderline Series No. 2 布面油画 Oil on Canvas 147x218cm 2012

马格利特的云 Magrritte's Cloud 布面油画 Oil on Canvas 115x85cm 2015

边缘系列No. 1 Borderline Series No

Perfect残破 No15 Perfect-Broken No.15

Perfect残破 No15 Perfect-Broken No.15

布面油画 Oil on Canvas 170x179cm 2015

沉溺 Indulgence

沉溺 Indulgence

布面油画 Oil on Canvas 145x265cm 2015

云途系列之八  Journey in the Clouds No.8

云途系列之八 Journey in the Clouds No.8

布面油画 Oil on Canvas 215x430cm 2014



What I Can Give You is More Than Joy 布面油画 Oil on Canvas 155x152cm 2015



What I Can Give You is More Than Joy 2 布面油画 Oil on Canvas 155x152cm 2015

自我趋向 Self-Direction

自我趋向 Self-Direction

布面油画 Oil on canvas 200x180cm 2014


简介 About








自我在看着我的表演,17 世纪笛卡尔的互相作用的二元论一直成为对心智讨论和批驳的基础。现在,中微子、反物质和黑洞,已经被纳入到标准的科学本体论之中,有人认为扩展的物理学本体论会说明意识的现象。心智如何运作,目前依然在人类的认知之外。商成祥从意识的各种层面上进行探索,使意识的基本事实曝露于观察之下。他并不陷入神秘主义,用对于外部世界的经验,呼唤内在世界的重构的建立,对情绪和感受进行传达。他的作品如同一个意识的现象学公园,里面涌动着不同组合的不合常理却符合感知的心智的图像。


Article: Fu Xiaodong

Within Shang Chengxiang’s studio, there is a modified automated vacuum equipped with a brain on top, moving freely throughout the room.

The automated vacuum is like a simple body, both an automatic reflection, and a mechanical being, involving the conscious mind. Its continuous observation of “me” involves conscious movement in order to truly complete a significant action. The artist finds this simplified machine fascinating.
If other sensory systems are removed, how does the brain continue to function? Where is my inner-self? Where is the true me? Is there a conscious mind after the action has been
completed? Otherwise, there is nothing performing this action.

For brain researchers, the brain is like the kidney or liver, it’s another kind of organ, belonging under the category of physics or biology. Its mental and psychological levels have been distinguished, creating a decline in research on consciousness, whether by scientists, psychologists, or researchers who study artificial intelligence. When we input signals from various sensory systems, ultimately, what gives these instructions and where is this output coming from? From very early on, Shang Chengxiang has been conscious of these questions, having always been keenly interested in research on the brain.

Based on the principles of the Cartesian theater, “the real me” watches external things reproduced within the mind, just as I watched my brain vacuum from an external point of
view. The “Self” is an observer of “me.” The “Self” thinks in ways other than simply the existence of the body. A “brain within a vat,” the automatic movements of the machine
configure both input and output signals.
After the senses have been removed, reality and existential re-understanding of the mind can open many more possibilities of space in peoples’ thinking.
A performance where the self looks at me, Descartes’ 17th century interactive dualism of the mind has become the basis for discussion on consciousness. The now, neutrinos, anti-matter and black holes have already become channeled through scientific ontological standards. Some people think that the expansion of ontological physics will explain the consciousness phenomenon. The function of consciousness is still beyond human cognition.

Shang Chengxiang explores the various levels of consciousness, and fundamental facts regarding consciousness that have leaked out though his observations, while at the same time, they have not fallen into the sphere of mysticism. He has used experiences from the outside world, calling for the establishment of inner-world possibilities through the communication of emotions and feelings. His work serves as a playground for the phenomenon of consciousness, where different combinations of the mind’s images freely flow together. 

#入口港# Threshold




Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artist:

​商成祥 Shang Chengxiang

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