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回头是岸 | 曾扬个展

2010年12月2日- 2011年1月20日
Consciousness - Zeng Yang solo exhibition

2 Dec, 2010 - 20 Jan, 2011

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 无名 布面丙烯 直径110CM 2010

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 20091011082372009 直径200CM 布面丙烯 2009

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 20100325021041112 布面丙烯 直径98CM 2010

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 圆 布面丙烯 直径110CM 2010

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 圆 布面丙烯 直径110CM 2010年

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 圆 布面丙烯 直径150CM 2010年

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 圆5 布面丙烯 直径110CM 2010

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 圆6 布面丙烯 直径110CM 2010

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 圆8 布面丙烯 直径110CM 2010

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 圆7 布面丙烯 直径110CM 2010

曾扬 | Zeng Yang 圆11 布面丙烯 直径150CM 2010

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Space Station is delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting Zeng Yang’s solo painting from December 2 .2010 through January 20.2011.Zeng Yang was born in Kunming which is a young artist based in Beijing,now he lives and works in Beijing.

Zeng Yang is reversed all known as the spin round his black and white and no logical composition pictures as well. As recorded in his diary image, to complete a small piece of  independent narrative unit until they are assembled into a complete picture day by day.

Only the border between these images dalian, there is no sense of connection, as latent in the minds of consciousness, quickly cuting layers to each other jumping from one image to the next, entangled, high-speed rotation. The Circle represents the moment of time, inside of the image symbolizes countless momentary delusion between the birth and death , the realm of the delusion inspiration that we are trapped in,Transmigration without a resting cycle. These bizarre machines, malformed organs, tangled human form, only in the imagination of the mountain ... ..., no beginning, no end in his mind was circled with a nervous energy in the sensitive and  brush strokes in float an image of a disturbance, and precipitation gradually falling. \


Zeng Yang said: "a thought unconsciousness, a thought be angry with , this thought is the abyss of misery in hell. A thought repent , a thought consciousness, this thought is the pleasure Land."





Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artist:

曾扬 Zeng Yang



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