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展览 Exhibition

Double Fly's Klein Blue

26 Apr, 2015 - 24 May

作品 Works


双飞艺术中心 布面丙烯 165x200cm

双飞艺术中心 布面丙烯 165x200cm

双飞艺术中心 布面丙烯 165x200cm

双飞艺术中心 布面丙烯 165x200cm

双飞艺术中心 布面丙烯 165x200cm

双飞艺术中心 布面丙烯 150x200cm

双飞艺术中心 布面丙烯 150x200cm

双飞艺术中心 布面丙烯 165x200cm

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量子物理学于2006年由普林斯顿的著名数学家John Conway通过光子自旋纠缠证明出了“自由意志定理”,其内容是:在一个单独的实验中,如果实验人有选择的自由,那么粒子呈现的结果也是自由的,不是过去历史(包括整个宇宙)所决定的。意识虽然看不见、摸不着,无法用时间、空间、能量等来测量,但意识是物质的一个基本特性,试验既是粒子具有意识的体现。如果物质和意识的一性的,意识是宇宙不可分割的整体,科学和信仰的界限将会消失,东方被摧毁的遗传会被接续,一个新的世界观的世界将会来临。双飞如何通过克莱因蓝绘画的行为超越时间、空间,体验无形的意识世界?这是怎样一条通往虚空之路?

The Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain held on March 9th, 1960 witnessed that Yves Klein applied IKB to the bodies of three women, and made them roll, pull and drag on the canvas set both on the ground and the walls. The coming April 26th, this historical and classical moment is going to be presented again by Double Fly Art Center in Space Station in Beijing. It takes 55 years for the spiritual spark of “flexible and unrestrained universe”, which Klein worshipped very much, to reappear. Audience are given the chance by Double Fly Art Center to experience the moment when the virtual artists leap up and throw themselves into the void, suspending the illusory but complicated spiritual world in the universe. Klein uses the purest color and void to arouse the strong perception of the soul towards immateriality: this is his system of thought under the influence of Rose of the Cross and the Japanese Zen. Klein says: “By using colors, I experience a kind of feeling which you assimilate with the space; I have true freedom.” Klein is the founder of behavioral art and conceptual art, and the Double Fly Art Center is going to use a “live body” as the painting brush to start a sacred dialogue that transcends time and space, entering into the purely spiritual field of concepts.


In quantum physics, the renowned mathematician John Conway of Princeton University, by using the spin entanglement of photon, proved in 2006 the “the Free Will Theorem” that in a single experiment, if the experimenter has the freedom of choice, then the results presented by the particles have freedom too; and this is not determined by the past history (including the whole universe). Though we cannot see or touch the consciousness, nor can we measure it with time, space or energy, consciousness is a basic nature of matter; and the test reflects that particles have consciousness. If matter and consciousness are one, and the latter is an inseparable whole from the universe, then the boundary between science and faith would be gone and the destroyed oriental inheritance would be continued, and a new world with a new outlook would come. How will Double Fly use the painting behavior of Klein Blue that transcends time and space to represent the shapeless world of consciousness? What kind of road to void is this?

#双飞克莱因蓝# DoubleFly'sKleinBlue




Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artist:

​双飞艺术中心 Double Fly Art Center


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