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Travel Notes

22 Mar - 16 Apr, 2016

作品 Works


田晓磊作品 | Tian Xiaolei 大仪式之二 艺术微喷油画布 100x74cm 2016

萨然哈巴(收藏) 文武百尊 纸本设色 60x43cm 17-18世纪

萨然哈巴(收藏) 文武百尊 纸本设色 60x43cm 17-18世纪

萨然哈巴(收藏) 莲花生大士 纸本设色 66x50cm 17-18世纪

王濛莎 Vanilla sky01 纸本设色 43x27cm 2016

田晓磊 化蝶 艺术微喷油画布 60x60cm 2016

田晓磊 大仪式之一 艺术微喷油画布 100x67cm 2016

王濛莎 绿 纸本设色 140x140cm 2016

王兴杰 肉 布面油画 60x80cm 2014

王兴杰 面包 布面油画 80x70cm 2014

尹戈 HXU-002 布上丙烯 120x90cm 2015

尹戈 HX-081-4 布上丙烯 90x90cm 2014

尹戈 HX-081-3 布上丙烯 90x90cm 2014

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Travel Notes 


Through travel, the spiritual world and psychological mechanisms of the traveler comes from humans’ collective unconsciousness, which through time and space, is projected through landscapes that have existed for thousands of years.  Travel is “changing habits” and “spiritual transformation.”  Travel takes people out of their comfort zones, propelling them forward into another environment of collective unconsciousness. This is a process of decision-making based on free will. At the same time, it is permeated with uncertain chance encounters. Everyone obtains disparate memories due to the varied nature of their participation. The comparative consciousness towards western society and theself-reconstruction of Chinese society is completed to form a travel experiencewith an understanding of cultural images of self-identity.


Travel Notes includes the search for paradigms of traditional cultural cognition, steadfastnessin a localized cultural value system, descriptions of outside consumerist idealism, images of astrophysics and post-anthropological universal imagery, aswell as representations of everyday life experiences. The works travel through time leaving their mark, employing the image’s most basic forms. Their perspective reflects upon collective images and shared forms within varied understandings of time and space.


This exhibition is not merely a localized narrow worldview, but rather a pluralized social experience, a synthesis, taking in the classic experience of travel and forming a “world view” for aesthetic objects. This exhibition serves as an invitation for a densely layered travel through time and space.

#游记 # TravelNotes




Space Station

4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone,

Chaoyang District

Beijing 100015

+86 10 59789671


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sundy 10:00 - 18:00

艺术家 Artists:

田晓磊 Tian Xiaolei

王濛莎 Wang Mengsha

王兴杰 Wang Xingjie

尹戈 Yin Ge

张丹 Zhang Dan

​萨然哈巴 Saranhaba


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