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2021年4月23日 - 6月13日 
Her Blooming Land - Wang Mengsha Solo Exhibition 

April 23 - July 13, 2021

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镜花水月 纸本设色 | Color on paper 67x90cm 2020

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 毁灭小丸子 | Destory Maruko 纸本淡彩 | Color on paper 244x244cm 2021

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 灵石系列 12 | Stone 12 18.5x23cm 纸本设色 2020

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 序曲和序曲 | Prologue and Another Prologue 纸本设色综合 | Color on paper 193x182cm 2017

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 小雪 | Snowy Day 纸本设色 | Color on paper 54x44cm 2020

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 我的宇宙发生的事件03 纸本设色 | Things Happend in My Cosmos 03 30x50cm 2020

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha Miss萝莉小姐 | Miss Lolita 纸本设色 | Color on paper 73x75cm 2015

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 石系列 09 | Store 09 纸本设色 | Color on paper 16.5x19cm 2020

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 月影流光 | Shadow of Moonlight 纸本设色综合 | Ink and on paper 180x97cm 2021

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 雀鹞心动 | Trilling canary 纸本设色 | Color on paper 76x48cm 2021

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 石系列05 | Stone 05 纸本设色 | Color on paper 21.5x19.5cm 2020

王濛莎 | Wang Mengsha 花镜 纸本设色 | Color on paper 33x41cm 2020


简介 About





Wang Mengsha (b. 1980s, Wuxi, China) was born and raised by Lake Tai in Wuxi. She is the daughter of Wang Dameng, the master of Changpu. Growing up immersed in landscape garden and private collections, Wang is gentle and vivacious in nature and has developed a great interest in drawing and painting since she was little. There wasn’t an empty space on her house’s wall she didn’t painted over and over as a child. Her father didn’t stop her but indulge her creation. After the age of eighteen, regardless of her parents’ disapproval, Wang chose not to follow the steps of her father and went to Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts majoring in Animation. Influenced by Japanese Manga, Wang has developed her own creative processes after graduated from college. After the visit of Huo Qubing Tomb, she was inspired and touched by the silhouettes and lines of the stone carving, along with the desolate vast land of Northwest China. She began working on her illustration of Shanhaijing (The Classic of Mountains and Seas ) by using traditional Chinese color and ink on scroll. It was the first time where she showed her great talents, yet she didn’t take her accomplishment seriously and gave her work as a gift to her friend. Wang then went to Australia and the UK pursuing her further education and has encountered many bizarre things and interesting people on her way. She became familiar with the stories of ghosts and psychics in the Western culture, as well as different religious traditions and beliefs. Since her departure from the homeland, Wang gradually discovered the beauty of traditional Chineses ink painting and took it as her work’s medium. When she returned to China in 2008, she rejected the career paths arranged by her parents and devoted herself into art making and meditation like what she used to do as a child. Her works impressed the guests and family friends who visited her parents house and she started participating in exhibitions ever since.


The oeuvre of Wang Mengsha has been developed through her life experiences. Her paintings consist of her acquisition of knowledge, her sight, and her thoughts and feelings. With a degree  of Film and Animation, Wang is able to construct an enormously large and complex virtual world of celestial beings, lovers, and flowers of all seasons, which would give the viewers a visual experience of the Tale of Peach Blossom Land. The figures in her paintings are seemingly childish and witty, yet conveys a sense of melancholy and darkness under the bright atmosphere. She acquired the shape and vitality of classical art form family collections and applied on her works. Meanwhile the art education in the Western world allowed her to use boundless creativity and rich colors to fully illustrate her imagination. She has developed her own understanding of space during the practice of meditation. Objects can alternate between large and small, distance and close, and often overlap with one another. As she said, it feels like she can hear things from thousand miles away while meditating. 


With her brush, Wang Mengsha paints without rules and restrictions while also capturing the most detailed figuration. Covering both oriental and occidental sources, her cultivation is indeed profound to feature both traditional look and dynamic concept out of her mind. It is rare to see someone combining and mastering different artistic languages of the East and the West as a whole, not to mention the true feeling and personal emotions embodied at the same time. It is also extraordinarily precious that the artist is idyllic and innocent in nature. In a word, the art by Wang Mengsha is a perfect mixture of three merits.


北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798艺术区中一街 空间站


Space Station, 4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District,

Beijing 100015


周二至周日10:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sundy 10:00 - 18:00

TEL: +86 10 59789671


艺术家 Artist


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